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December, 2017

It's not every day one of the world's most famous pop stars drops in to support a waterjet cutting company. Pete Noyce, of Southside Waterjet, couldn't believe his eyes - and ears - when he found out former Oasis front man Noel Gallagher...

November, 2017

To cut narrow incisions in hard materials with high precision requires a specially developed waterjet cutting process. FAWJ stands for Fine Abrasive Water Jet (micro waterjet, finecut), and is a unique and world-class cutting process launched back in 2008 by Water Jet Sweden. Since then, the technique has been applied to a specially developed precision machinery, designed to manufacture micro-components. Now Water Jet Sweden has broadened the possibilities and launched The FAWJ Micro Head Package for the ordinary machine models. It is designed for customers who wish to cut fine parts with narrow incisions and high precision, without the need for the most extreme micro part tolerances.

October, 2017

Beveljet 60 is a 5-axis cutting head made by Water Jet Sweden primarily designed for sheet material cutting, shaping parts with a 0-60 degree cutting angle. But with the programmable z-axis the cutting head can be used for much more advanced cutting jobs.

October, 2017

High Tech Industries need to make 3D parts in hardened metals, special alloys and composite materials with accurate, high precision cuts.

March, 2017

All Water Jet Sweden machines are built for long life and high performance. A profitable investment for many years of competive advantage. These design principles also includes the new multipurpose, entry level T-model.

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